The SOMUA S-35 was an excellent medium tank designed and constructed in France in the second half of the 1930s. After the defeat of France in 1940 many served with German and other military forces until the end of the war.

Development of the SOMUA S-35 commenced in June 1934 and the prototype was ready for testing in April 1935.

They began entering service with the Division Legere Mechanique (DML) in January 1936.

By the beginning of the World War II 270 had been produced and about 300 were in front line service at the beginning of the Battle of France in May 1940.

Despite their many fine points they could not prevent France’s defeat and 297 were taken over by the German army and used in several roles.

They were still in service by the D-Day landings in 1944 and fought on both sides.

This model represents a Somua S-35 in service with the 4th Squadron of the 2nd Cuirassiers, 3rd DML, in May 1940.

Heller 1/72 kit. Completed in January 2006.



TIME PERIOD: 1636-1945

ENGINES: one SOMUA V-8 petrol engine of 140kW

WIDTH: 2.12m

LENGTH: 5.38m

GROSS WEIGHT: 19,500kg


RANGE: 230km

ARMAMENT: 47mm gun and 7.5mm machine gun

SCALE: 1/72



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