The Tsybin LL-3 was an experimental aeroplane designed and built in Russia in the late 1940s. It’s purpose was to investigate wings suitable for flight at high mach numbers.

Immediately after the end of World War II the Russian soviet government began using German aeronautical research to create future generations of aeroplanes.

One area of research was the future shape of wings and, in September 1945, P V Tsybin was asked to conduct tests into this aspect of flight.

In response he planned three flying laboratories (LL), one with straight wings (LL-1), a second with swept back wings (LL-2) and a third, the LL-3, with swept forward wings.

The LL-1 made 30 flights in mid 1947 and, in late 1947, the LL-3 was completed.

It made over 100 flights during which a speed of 1,200km/h (mach 0.97) was reached without any difficulty, demonstrating the potential of swept forward wings.

The LL-2 was later made but never flown.

This model represents the only LL-3.

Anigrand 1/144 kit. Completed in September 2016.


MODEL: Tsybin LL-3

ROLE: Experimental rocket powered glider

TIME PERIOD: 1947 - 1948

ENGINES: one PRD-1500 rocket engine of 1,500 kg thrust

WING SPAN: 7.22m

LENGTH: 7.22m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,200km/h


SCALE: 1/144


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