The Vought A-7 was a single seat attack fighter designed for the US Navy in the 1960s. They were very popular and flew with other services including the US Air Force and the Greek and Portugese air forces.

The Vought A-7 was developed during the early 1960s to replace earlier US Navy attack fighters. It’s design was derived from the Vought F-8 supersonic fighter but it was smaller, subsonic and cheaper to produce. It was quickly developed with the initial contract being issues in February 1964 and the first one flying on 26 September 1965 with them entering service with the US Navy in February 1967.

They proved very popular, 1,545 were manufactured and flew with other air forces.
They served in several wars and remained in service until the 1990s.

This model represents a Vought A-7A flying with the US Navy’s VA-153 circa 1970.

Hobby Boss 1/72 kit with Microscale decals. Completed in December 2021.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Vought A-7A

ROLE: Attack fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1965-1991

ENGINES: one Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-6 turbofan engine of 50.47kN thrust

WING SPAN: 11.8m

LENGTH: 14.06m

GROSS WEIGHT: 14,512kg

MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,100km/h

RANGE: 1,981km

PAYLOAD: Crew one

SCALE: 1/72


DECALS: Microscale

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