Additions to the Public Galleries

AMX-13/75 in 1/72 by Model Miniature

AMX-13/105 in 1/72 by Heller

AMX-13DCA in 1/72 by Heller

AMX-30 in 1/72 by Heller

AMX-30B2 in 1/72 by Model Miniature

AMX-30DCA in 1/72 by WSW

Armstrong Whitowrth Siskin IIIA in 1/72 by Matchbox

Bernard 20 in 1/72 by Adrian Roy

Bloch 220 (Air France) in 1/144 by F-Rsin

Boeing 757-300 (Continental) in 1/144 by Minicraft

Bowlys XCG-7 in 1/144 by Anigrand

British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS.1 in 1/72 by Hasegawa

British Aircraft Swallow II in 1/72 by Dujin

Republic P-47D (Ay Chihuahua) in 1/48 by Hasegawa

Republic P-47D (Jay Walkin’ Molecule) in 1/48 by Tamiya

Republic P-47D (My Gal Sal) in 1/48 by Tamiya

Republic P-47D (Raid Hot Mama) in 1/48 by Monogram

Revised Workbench Notes

Bloch 220 in 1/72 by F-Rsin

Boeing 747-200 in 1/144 by Airfix

Boeing 747-300 in 1/144 by Kepuyan