The new additions to the museum’s collection are a mixed batch, three Japanese World War II fighters, a couple of gliders, a couple of unlikely experimental aircraft and a few more.

Kawasaki N1K1 (Rex). A Japanese floatplane fighter.






Kawasaki N1K1-J (George). An Imperial Japanese Navy fighter.


Kawanishi N1K2-J (George). An advanced version of the N1K1-J.


Loire 46. A French 1930s fighter aircraft.


SAN Jodel D.177. A 1950s French light aircraft still in service today.


Schleicher ASW 28. A high performance glider of the 2000s.


Schneider Grunau Baby I. One of the first gliders, made in the 1930s.


SNECMA C450 Coleoptere. A 1950s French experimental aircraft.


SPARTA/WRESAT. This rocket launched Australia’s first satellite.


Tsybin LL-3. A Russian 1940s experimental rocket powered glider.

In addition, the workbench notes for the Kawanishi N1K1, the Loire 46 and the SNECMA Coleoptere have been revised and PDF copies of the notes added.

I wonder what might be added next weekend. Perhaps a nice Dassault Mirage 2000 will be among them.