The Bleriot XI was the most popular aircraft of the pioneering era of aviation. Louis Bleriot was the first to fly over the English Channel using one of these on 25 July 1909, making him and his aircraft instantly famous.

Louis Bleriot made the first flight in his XI on 23 January in 1909 and improved it until he was ready to make his attempt to fly across the English Channel in July that year.

That particular aircraft never flew again but after the successful flight there was great demand for Bleriot’s aircraft and 103 had been ordered by September 1909.

It was produced in a number of slightly different versions and with different engines and was used to carry out a number of first flights and establish several aviation records.

Production continued up until the outbreak of World War I and at the beginning of the war it was in service with twenty French, British and Italian squadrons, used mainly for training.

This model represents the first Bleriot XI which was flown by Louis Bleriot over the English Channel in 1909/

Eastern Express (Frog) 1/72 kit. Completed in March 2022.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Bleriot XI

ROLE: pioneering aeroplane

TIME PERIOD: 1909-1915

ENGINES: one Anzani 3 cylinder radial piston engine of 19kW

WING SPAN: 7.79m

LENGTH: 7.62m




SCALE: 1/72

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