Nothing much happens in Australia in January, we’re all off at the beach, watching the cricket, drinking to excess or doing other relaxing things.  Thus, no update on bench activities for January and a little more creativity since we actually did some modelling during the holiday period.  So here is what has been achieved recently.


Boeing BBJ in 1/144 by Zvezda
When I was in Canberra last year I happened to see one of the RAAF’s Boeing BBJs come in to land just as our airliner pulled off the runway.  ‘I must make one of those,’ I said to myself and ordered the Zvezda Boeing 737-700 and some Hawkeye decals.  The Zvezda kit is certainly a step up from the old Revell Boeing 737-800 kit and you don’t have to cut chunks out of that kit to make a 737-700, so definitely recommended for a quick and pleasant build.
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Lockheed SP-2H Neptune in 1/144 by Welsh Models

Welsh Models have been publishing some very nice little resin kits in the past few years, not cheap but delightful to put together and paint.  Some might say they are a bit simplified for a modern day kit but they are more than adequate of an ‘out of the box’ build and the basis for some good super detailing.  In this case my effort went into giving this model some RAAF markings using the spares box and a bit of ingenuity.
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Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-25 Winjeel in 1/72 by High Planes

I wouldn’t have made this model if I hadn’t wanted to make models of aircraft flown by the RAAF.  A look in the box is quite sufficient to send any sane modeller off to the latest production from any of the current day manufacturers, even the poorer ones.  Still, it is possible to make a good model from this kit because most of the key parts are there.  Since I am not among the first ranks of the modelling fraternity the best I could describe this model as is ‘adequate’.
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Renard R.38 in 1/72 by Dujin

Like the High Planes Winjeel above this kit comes with a high degree of difficulty.  If you’ve never heard of the R.38 that’s because only one was made, it never made it into production and it was scrapped not long after it was built.  Still, it is an interesting example of the by-ways into which aviation history never quite made it.  Most modellers think that Dujin kits are rubbish but I love them.  They make ‘adequate’ models in my hands but I’ve seen some masterpieces too.
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Curtiss SB2C in 1/72 by Academy
This is a delightful kit that makes up into what I think is a beast of an aircraft.  And what’s not to like about anything painted in Dark Sea Blue.
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Boeing 737-800 in 1/144 by Revell

If I were to make another Qantas 737-800 it would be with the Zvezda kit, but that didn’t exist when I made this, hence the strange looking wing tips.
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Here’s what’s on the bench right now.  It’s all 1/144 and mostly airliners due, I think, to the fact that painting little airliners in airline livery takes more time than your normal warplane so there is a lot of masking involved – and I hate masking.  The Revell 1/144 Airbus A.330-200 is just about ready for Air China decals, as is the Eastern Express Antonov An-22 which will be in Aeroflot livery, but not using the kit decals.  Also progressing nicely are the Zvezda Ilyushin Il-86 and the Welsh Models GAF Lincoln.  I’ve made a bit of a mess of the LS 1/144 Lockheed P-3 Orion and will have to redo some of the paint work, which has put me right off.